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Check out our interview with Jason C. Dukes.

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RepoNOLA Podcast

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Checkout our interview with founder of Jesus Miracle Power Ministries Mama Janice

Age Limit

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I can remember being 14 and wanting so desperately to drive a vehicle. I was ready! After all, why did they even have to put an age limit on driving in the first place? I had driven a few times by then and was confident that I had what it takes to be a opperator of a vehicle. After I turned 15 and was able to get my restricted licence, I was upset by the fact that I had to take courses and tests in order to get my driving permit, and only to be limited to a person over the age of 21 between certain hours of the day in order for me to even operate a vehicle. What about the drinking age being 21, or the rated R movies needing to be 17? Why all these restrictions?  Now I look at things and realize that we limit what young people can do, because of levels of maturity. I might argue that I know people well into their thirties that are not mature enough to partake in alcohol, gambling, or even what type of cinema they should be allowed to watch. However, we have determined as a society that people are restricted from doing certain things because of an average level of maturity that seems to show at certain ages. I think this way of thinking has unfortunately crept into our spiritual lives. I do not pretend to speak on behalf, or about everyone, but just my general observation and personal convictions. Read the rest of this entry »

Worthy of The Gospel

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My younger brother has been a percussionist for many years now. The area in which he has mastered is marching. I remember a conversation that he and I had one day regarding the importance of the snare line being “clean”. The goal, he said, was that the entire line of people playing the same instrument (snare drum) would sound as one drum. The result of this is a clean, effective, and powerful sound adding to the masterfully composed musical number, thus, completing the mission of “wowing” the crowd with their music. Due to this importance of clarity and cleanliness there is much time and emphasis placed on the togetherness and unity in which they play. Ultimately, everyone on the snare line (or really the entire core of musicians) is contending in musical competition as one person, with the understanding that the line as a whole is more important than an individual sounding good all on their own. Therefore, and individual that is on mission to make him/herself sound good and stand out as a musician is not worthy to be a member of a drumline. My question is: If one is on mission to either gain as much knowledge, win as many converts, or write as many books all on his/her own, does that make them worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Let’s ask the Apostle Paul. Read the rest of this entry »

Who The RCN Is To Me

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For the past year I have been in charge of developing a competitive cheerleading program from the ground up. Well, not entirely from the ground up, it might be more accurate to say from the grave up. The reality is that in the life of this program there has been a few people who have given it a bad reputation.  When I arrived at the scene, it was clear that the program was merely on life support and the plug was in hand ready to be pulled. The owner had a change of mind. He decided that it deserved another chance and put me in charge of making it happen. This was a great challenge ahead of me and though I have built a program before, it was very quickly taken away from me and I did not get to see it all of the way through. That program exists today, but it was a long time before it was able to be the success it is today. Now, I have to start in a place that I do not know and that does not know me with the purpose of building a successful team program. It was obvious from the start that this was way too big of a job for me and I needed help. After seeking the council of friends in the field and my prior experience in tire sales for a major tire dealer I began to put a plan into action. Months went by and we saw little to no change. A flurry of emotions started to set in; fear, anger, doubt, and regret topped the charts. At this moment of desperation I fell to my face and sought the wisdom of the One who knows best. Read the rest of this entry »

RepoNOLA Podcast with Patrick

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Did you know that 70% of all women in Internet pornography are forced into it? Listen to this interview with Patrick about his work rescuing girls from slavery.